Estate Range

The wines in our Estate Range are made with exceptional attention to detail and quality. These wines also represent exceptional value for money.

Rosebud | Tasting note | Packshot 
Sauvignon Blanc | Tasting note | Packshot
The Blend | Tasting note | Packshot
Syrah | Tasting note | Packshot

Reserve Range

The Reserve Range consists of two red wines - Five Arches and Swartrivier Syrah. These are bold and intense style wines. These wines have proven to bottle age beautifully and have garnered many accolades since the first vintage in 2008.

Five Arches | Tasting note | Packshot 
Swartrivier Shiraz | Tasting note | Packshot

Landscape Series

The Landscape Series of wines is an authentic representation of our top vineyards, as well as a few old vine treasures from elsewhere. 

Magdalena | Tasting note | Packshot
Elodie | Tasting note | Packshot
Syrah on Sandstone | Tasting note | Packshot
Syrah on Shale | Tasting note | Packshot
Cabernet Franc | Tasting note | Packshot